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I Love to Paint!

woman painting wall I love to Paint!

You finally settled on your new home…..how exciting…now for some personal touches…try PAINT! It’s both decorative and functional. It can freshen exteriors or bring interior rooms to life.

I personally love to paint and find it very relaxing. I’m providing some painting tips from my own experiences and some professionals as well…read on.

Choosing Colors:

You have favorite colors, right? You no longer need to stick with the creams and beige colored paints. Paint has come a long way. Some stores will provide an 8x11 swatch of your chosen color. If so, hang on the wall for a couple of days…make sure you will be happy with the outcome if you paint an entire room the color. Color changes in different light. If the painting store cannot provide a swatch, buy a small can of paint and paint a large section of the wall.

Spend a little time browsing through home magazines. They can provide ideas and inspiration.colored pencils forming a wheel

If you will be changing flooring, furniture or window treatments, do so before selecting the paint colors. It will be much easier to find a complementary paint color!

Ceilings no longer need to be ‘white’. Often times you will see a complementary lighter shade on the ceiling.

Use low VOC paint. Don’t fall for the line that all paint is low VOC. Yes, standards have changed in the painting industry, however, not all formulas are created equal. I personally like coverage and low VOC paint from Sherwin Williams.

Types of Finishers:

Flat: flat paints are great for imperfect walls. They now make flat washable paint. Good for ceilings too.

Eggshell: Has just a slight hint of shine or gloss. Basically the sheen of an eggshell.

Satin Finish: w/out appearing glossy, it reflects light and is more durable than the eggshell finish. Good for high traffic areas, kitchens, and baths.

Semi-gloss- used in kitchens, bathrooms, trim. Easier to clean than satin.

Glossy- not normally used in interior rooms, however, becoming more popular for cabinets, trim & furniture. Sanding is essential before painting with glossy paint.


Love frog tape for taping around trim, etc.

Rollers (again, different rollers for different projects) A better quality roller will do a much better job. If you aren’t able to finish the job in one day, apply paint to roller and wrap roller in cellophane, doing so will prevent the roller from drying out.

Brushes- you will need an angled brush for cutting in along ceilings, corners and around trim.

Extension pole to attach to roller for tall ceilings and walls.

Drop cloths to cover furniture, floor, etc.

Have fun and enjoy your new painted room(s)!

Tammy KnauberTammy Knauber
Brownstone Real Estate Co.

Great ideas Tammy...I'll make

Great ideas Tammy...I'll make sure Amy sees this!