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Front Porch Style

Front porch with rocker and porch swingThroughout the decades porches have added interest and appeal to a home, as well as being a gathering place for relaxing. I spent part of my childhood in an old home with a large covered front porch. My parents often sat outside in the evening during warm weather, chatting to the neighbors who strolled up and down the street.

An inviting white porch swing provided a comfortable seat for leisurely rocking, something my cousin and I instantly claimed whenever she came to visit. The adults were more than satisfied with wicker chairs sporting comfy overstuffed pillows. Eventually, my cousin and I would scuttle into the yard, leaving the adults to converse and reflect on the day.

I have fond memories of that porch…of watching thunderstorms roll in from the distance, safe and secure beneath its massive overhang; of hearing rain pelt the ground and magically conjure an earthy smell from the grass

Porches are still places that invite us to slow down from what—for many—can easily become a hectic lifestyle. Many properties, including contemporary homes, employ a front porch as part of their design. Whether partial, wraparound, or a small cheerful entry, porches welcome visitors to our home, add curb appeal, and provide a place for us to unwind and enjoy the outdoors.

Decorating a porch can be as individual in taste as decorating a room in your home. Whether you choose wicker, resin, wrought iron, wood or aluminum furniture, available styles offer a wide range of affordability and durability. Seat cushions come in a variety of fabrics, colors and patterns. Planters and hanging baskets are great for adding bursts of color and greenery to complement the outdoor setting. From shabby chic to Americana, cottage charm, and trendy, there is a porch decorating style sure to fit your unique preferences.

To get started, check out these “Pretty Porches” we’ve pinned on Pinterest, and let your creativity soar!

Candy Ortenzio
Executive Administrator
Brownstone Real Estate Co.