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Brownstone Real Estate Company's Blog

A Fundraiser for a Special Little Girl

cute little baby girl in pink, Addison Mae JacobsIllness is a terrible thing, but when it strikes the very young it’s heartbreaking. Brownstone Real Estate would like to spread the word about a fundraiser dinner taking place to help little Addison Mae Jacobs. This beautiful little girl is the daughter of our agent, Amanda Jacobs.

Addison Mae has been diagnosed with Jeune Syndrome, an extremely rare skeletal disorder which mainly effects the growth of her ribs. Because of her chest distortion, this has caused numerous medical difficulties resulting in a failure to thrive condition. At 7 1/2 months old, she weighs less than 10 pounds and faces several major surgeries in the near future.

A Home with Retro Star Quality

Gorgeous formal living room with 1970's retro chicWow! We were so pleased to see our listing at 1525 Miller Street in Lebanon, featured on the blog of Retro Renovation. Dedicated to helping you remodel and decorate your home vintage style, this fun and informative blog reflects a community of people interested in cherishing their mid-century or older homes.

Brownstone Real Estate Sponsors the Mt. Gretna Tour of Homes

Beautiful cottage home tucked among treesMany who live in our area know summer is synonymous with the Mt. Gretna Tour of Homes and Gardens. Once again, Brownstone Real Estate is the proud sponsor of this popular event. Held Saturday, August 1, 2015 from 10AM to 5PM, the self-guided walking tour offers an intriguing glimpse into the fabulous architectural styles that comprise Mt. Gretna’s beautiful homes and cottages.

Brownstone’s own Emi Snavely, acting as Chef du Tour, has selected nine homes and three historic buildings, in addition to the Mt. Gretna Inn, to include on this year’s tour. Each summer, Emi ensures attendees are treated to a captivating collection of homes that proudly reflect the tastes and enchanting home styles of Mt. Gretna.

Catios: A Hot New Outdoor Trend

Cat taking blissful nap outside on deckIn beautiful weather everyone likes to be outdoors, including our family pets. Cats, however, can encounter multiple forms of danger when left to roam. Predators, disease, and busy roadways are just a few potential threats. Now, however, cat owners have a charming solution for giving their felines the outdoor experience they crave, while keeping them safe from harm—the catio.