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Brownstone Real Estate Sponsors the Mt. Gretna Tour of Homes

Beautiful cottage home tucked among treesMany who live in our area know summer is synonymous with the Mt. Gretna Tour of Homes and Gardens. Once again, Brownstone Real Estate is the proud sponsor of this popular event. Held Saturday, August 1, 2015 from 10AM to 5PM, the self-guided walking tour offers an intriguing glimpse into the fabulous architectural styles that comprise Mt. Gretna’s beautiful homes and cottages.

Brownstone’s own Emi Snavely, acting as Chef du Tour, has selected nine homes and three historic buildings, in addition to the Mt. Gretna Inn, to include on this year’s tour. Each summer, Emi ensures attendees are treated to a captivating collection of homes that proudly reflect the tastes and enchanting home styles of Mt. Gretna.

Catios: A Hot New Outdoor Trend

Cat taking blissful nap outside on deckIn beautiful weather everyone likes to be outdoors, including our family pets. Cats, however, can encounter multiple forms of danger when left to roam. Predators, disease, and busy roadways are just a few potential threats. Now, however, cat owners have a charming solution for giving their felines the outdoor experience they crave, while keeping them safe from harm—the catio.

Presenting Two New Carriage Home Designs with Flexibility

Rendering of Appaloosa Model Carriage Home at the Village at Springbrook FarmsThe trend of homes with first floor master suites continues to flourish as baby boomers move into their fifties and sixties, and look for comfort combined with the convenience of “aging in place.” Often as homeowners mature, steps to an upper level can become problematic for mobility. In the past, this was the defining factor for buyers who sought first floor accommodations, but lifestyle changes have altered that view.

Today, it isn’t just mobility that makes the first floor master suite such an attractive option, but also the effortless flow of living space.

Flag Day Then and Now

Close up of an American flag, proudly displayed on a covered porchWe can only speculate what the feeling must have been like when the Continental Congress of the United States gathered on Saturday, June 14, 1777 to discuss the day’s agenda. John and Samuel Adams were present along with John Hancock and Benjamin Franklin, among the many honorable delegates. The mood was likely tense given the Revolutionary War was nearing two years with no end in sight. But the atmosphere must have surely surged with an undercurrent of excitement, too. On that day, the delegates passed a formal resolution to adopt the flag of our country.