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Remembering . . .

American Flag in breezeI awoke yesterday, in our protected Lebanon Valley, to a bright, crisp, late summer day of nearly cloudless skies, ready for a typical day of work in the real estate profession. I could say the same type of day that I awoke to eleven years ago… a day that turned out quite differently for many of us in the United States.

I humbly thank everyone who has served to defend our freedoms-- with a special
thank you to my son-in-law, Nathan. Let’s not forget, that though most of us go on as if our lives have changed little…for those who lost loved ones, either here or on foreign soil, their world will never be the same.

We live and work in the greatest country in the world. Aren’t we fortunate?

Wes DellingerWes Dellinger
Brownstone Real Estate Co.
Director of Lebanon Operations