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Staging Your Home for Sale

beautiful home office photoMaximizing your profits, minimizing your expenses.

Staging your home for sale will set it apart from the competition. Key elements in staging a room include neutral colors (a fresh coat of paint is always helpful), and furnishing that are adequate but not over the top. If your room is cluttered with too much furniture, place some in storage. Keep pieces that are not overly fancy or loud, and which may distract the buyer from the home’s value.

Plain table lamps will do just fine. Accents on walls coverings such as pictures, or mirrors should be minimal. Knickknacks and artificial flowers add a nice touch. Floor coverings should be clean, and rugs shampooed if necessary.

Clean all windows inside and out, and make sure the window treatments are hung properly. One area you definitely don’t want to overlook is lighting. Make sure that all bulbs work and provide enough illumination to highlight each room, increasing wattage as necessary. Kitchen and baths should be spotless, under the vanities too. Remove any stains and/or water spots. Clean the shower curtain and shower door.

Next, make sure all furniture is positioned for an easy flow throughout the home’s floor plan. Don't forget the basement! Straighten shelving, neatly arrange boxes, toys, exercise equipment, laundry supplies, craft items, any and things that need a home.

Another area to spruce up is the yard—from clipping shrubbery to making sure the patio and/or decks are clean and clear, you’ll give your home a nice exterior lift.

If you want to make sure you're doing all you can visit a new home subdivision in your area that has a furnished model home. Take pictures with your smart phone, iPad or camera, then compare when you get home.

Finally add a bouquet of flowers in your foyer or kitchen to get the buyer thinking spring!

Good Luck!

Jack KilkennyJack Kilkenny
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