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Lighting up the Night

fireflies twinkling in foliageThe heat is ratcheting off the charts this week. July in Central PA usually brings an increase in humidity, thunderstorms roll through with familiar frequency and fireflies are abundant. Did you know the firefly is the state insect of Pennsylvania?

When I was a kid we called them lightning bugs. Many people still refer to them that way, particularly in our state where the term is popular. Some less common names include glow fly, moon bug and garden sparkler.

Whether you prefer the more lyrical “firefly” or the whimsical, “lightning bug,” these primarily nocturnal insects are an integral part of summer, lighting up the night with flash patterns they use to cummincate. That's particularly true between the male and female when the male is in search of a mate.

So the next time you’re surrounded by flashing fireflies, consider that a conversation and extensive courtship may be taking place. In backyards and fields across the country, fireflies provide a natural light show during hot summer nights. Who doesn’t remember chasing them as a child?

Candy Ortenzio
Executive Administrator
Brownstone Real Estate Co.