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Real Estate Agent Spotlight: Meet Bernie Readinger

real estate agent Bernie Readinger in relaxed poseI’m delighted to welcome sales associate, Bernie Readinger, to today’s Real Estate Agent Spotlight. These features are designed to help you connect with our agents on a more personal level, learn a bit about their background, family life, interests, and what they enjoy most about their careers.

Bernie, an agent in our Hershey office, is a past recipient of Brownstone’s “A.C.E.” Award and has been actively involved in real estate for the last thirty-one years. Isn’t it amazing how many agents are so well established in the field? That tenure speaks highly of the industry and the commitment of its sales professionals.

CO: Bernie, it’s great to have you here today. I know you enjoy what you do (that’s obvious by the length of time you’ve invested in your career), so I’ll start with a different question. What’s the oddest or most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you over the course of those thirty-one years?

BR: Once, when showing a home to a couple, I found a note on the table that read: “DON’T LET THE CATS OUT.” There were several of them wandering about during the showing. When I was locking up, I noticed a cat between the front of the house and some shrubs. Oh no…I thought. One of them must have gotten out. So I crawled painstakingly about ten feet through a small area between the house and the shrubs to try to get the cat. He had other ideas. After a minute of trying to persuade this cat to come with me, I was finally able to grab him, pull him out, and place him in the home. Later that evening I received a call from the owner of the home. She thanked me for showing her home but told me she had an extra cat. She was very gracious as I explained my story and we both had a good laugh.

CO: That is definitely one for the record books! I can just imagine how bewildered that cat must have felt suddenly finding itself in a new home, surrounded by strange felines. And what a shock for the owner come feeding time. I’m glad you both had a good laugh over it. What a great story!

What do you see as the top three characteristics needed to be a real estate agent?

Real estate agent Bernie Readinger on bike overlooking ocean, Maine coastBR: Knowledge…. Knowledge of the market, finance, technology, the tools available and where to find information. This can also be increased through real estate courses and by networking with other successful real estate agents. But experience can be a great teacher.

Service…you need to put the client first by listening attentively and patiently, and by concentrating on what is important to them. You also need to be accessible, but in the end, you need to be committed to working hard and enthusiastically so that you make their real estate experience successful and enjoyable.

Integrity…People need to trust you as you are working to help them make some of the most important decisions and investments of their lives. It’s being honest and professional.

CO: Unquestionably traits that customers will appreciate and respond to. What is your take on the role of technology in real estate?

BR: Technology has changed the way we do business. I entered the real estate business with a Polaroid camera and a big multiple listing book…no cell phones or computers. (I know I’m dating myself). But today everything is accessible online. I can send a listing to a buyer from my phone or prepare a document, send it to a client, have it signed electronically and sent back to me in a matter of minutes.

CO: It’s amazing how much has changed. I remember those days of Polaroid cameras when we used to keep photos of home listings in a 3” x 5” index card box (I guess I’m dating myself too). But technology isn’t the only adaptation we’ve had to make. I know there are numerous courses available to agents to further your education with various aspects of your career.

Do you hold any special real estate designations and why did you choose them?

BR: Yes, I hold all of the following:

CRS (Certified Residential Specialist)

GRI (Graduate Realtors Institute)

CSP (Certified New Home Sales Professional)

SRES (Senior Real Estate Specialist)

I constantly strive to gain as much knowledge as I can so as to better serve my clients. The CRS designation was especially important to me. It was achieved by completing a certain number of real estate courses, passing several tests, and being involved in a certain number of transactions. The courses were very informative and the teachers very practical. Only 4% of real estate agents in the country hold this designation.

CO: I recently did a blog post on real estate designations and know how much work is put into achieving them, especially the CRS. Congratulations on all you’ve accomplished. Would you like to share a little about your family and community involvement?

Real estate agent Bernie Readinger and his wife enjoying the Maine coastBR: I’ve been married to my wonderful wife for 42 years, and we’ve been residents of Derry Township most of our lives. We have four children and eleven grandchildren. We are members of Community Evangelical Free Church in Harrisburg. I volunteer for the Pinnacle Health Care System and Gift of Life Donor Program.

CO: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

BR: We enjoy family vacations at the beach and I enjoy playing golf.

CO: The last book you read?

BR: “In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day” by Mark Batterson. It’s an unusual title but very motivational, easy reading, and makes you think.

CO: It sounds inspiring. I love reading, especially when I’m on vacation. What’s your favorite vacation destination?

BR: Anywhere in Maine.

CO: A place I have yet to visit, but it’s on my list. Thanks for visiting today, Bernie. I appreciate the information you shared and especially enjoyed your cat story!

Brownstone Real Estate sales associate, Bernie ReadingerBernie Readinger holds the CRS, GRI, CSP and SRES designations and is a past recipient of Brownstone Real Estate’s A.C.E. Award, given to sales associates who demonstrate Achievement, Commitment and Excellence in the practice of the real estate profession. In 2012, he was the top second agent in sales for Brownstone and continues to be highly successful in working to fulfill the real estate needs of his clients.

Experienced in residential real estate, investment and light commercial, Bernie works with buyers and sellers throughout Dauphin, Lebanon and Northern Lancaster Counties.

A volunteer chaplain for the Pinnacle Health System, Bernie is also actively involved in Walk for Life, Gift of Life and the public awareness of organ and tissue donation.

Connect with Bernie on his website at BernieReadinger.com

Candy Ortenzio
Executive Administrator
Brownstone Real Estate Co.