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Snowmaggedon 2017!

blue background with snowflakes, words Snowmaggedon 2017 in frontBREAKING NEWS! We have experienced the first snowpoclaypse of 2017. Unlike the mammoth storm that bore down on Pennsylvania and the east coast in 2016, "Winter Storm Snow Tree”—as it’s being hailed on social media—appears to be confined to a single location. We were able to gain exclusive photos of what some are already calling a perfect storm.

The Hershey office of Brownstone Real Estate was target central when an innocent bystander opened the lobby door in conjunction with a formidable gust of wind. Brownstone, a family-owned real estate firm known for its exceptional real estate service and leaving its “snowing” Christmas tree up throughout the month of January, quickly felt the wrath of a brewing snowzilla.

Thousands of Styrofoam snow pellets left a mark of devastation over the hallway and lobby (untouched photos obtained on scene). Spectators informed us drifts were noted as far away as the kitchen with tell-tale residue scattered outside several staff offices. Fortunately, static electricity hovered on the low side, negating the need for copious amounts of Static Guard® and similar products.

Christmas tree with artificial snow and snow all over floor around tree

Crews are now on the scene and clean-up is underway. Although wind gusts remain strong, the “snowing” Christmas tree has been safely returned to storage. One can only hope 2018 will not bring another event of this magnitude.

Todd and Don Lechleinter of Brownstone Real Estate preparing to take down Christmas treeDarlene Waters of Brownstone Real Estate vacuuming up  fake snow

Enjoy your January and beware lurking snowzillas!

Candy Ortenzio
Executive Administrator
Brownstone Real Estate Co.