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Creating an Outdoor Living Area

table and chairs with striped umbrella on outside deckingAs we head into warmer weather, it will soon be time to spruce up the yard, break out the patio furniture, and add a new shine to the porch. More and more our living spaces are moving outdoors as we combine natural elements with comfort that was once reserved only for interior spaces. 
From hardscaping and mood lighting, to furniture, TVs, and even open-air kitchens, outside living spaces range from intimate to lavish. But you needn’t have an elaborate budget or even a large area to create an outdoor retreat. Here are some ideas to consider when planning: 
Add a rustic swing or comfortable glider to your patio or deck. Introduce color with pillows, rugs and bright floral blooms or hanging baskets. A pergola with climbing vines is a great way to create a natural canopy. Dusk-to-dawn lighting and lanterns are ideal for conjuring mood while a trendy mirror placed on an exterior wall adds the illusion of additional open space. 
Even if you don’t have a patio, you can create a tranquil oasis by placing flagstones in a free-form pattern. Add an inexpensive bistro table, ornamental plants or decorative vintage planters. Purchase a DIY yard fountain or garden pond from your local home improvement store to enhance the natural surroundings. outside bistro table on paver patio surrounded by greenery with trellis in background
Hammocks, trellis, lattice panels and fire rings are beautiful embellishments that complement any outside space. During your next family gathering, drape a fabric canopy between four poles to create a shaded area for your picnic table, then relax and enjoy. Whatever your preference or budget, there are multiple means to craft a personal haven to enhance your enjoyment of the outdoors. 
Have you noticed how light it’s staying lately in the evenings? All we need now is a steady stream of warm weather. Spring is certainly making us wait this year, but hopefully we’ll be well rewarded for the delay! 
Candy Ortenzio
Executive Administrator
Brownstone Real Estate Co.