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The Allure of a Front Porch

front porch with rocker and porch swingThroughout the decades porches have added interest and appeal to a home, as well as being a gathering place for relaxing. I spent part of my childhood in an old home with a large covered front porch. My parents often sat outside in the evening during warm weather, chatting to the neighbors who strolled up and down the street.

An inviting white porch swing provided a comfortable seat for leisurely rocking, something my cousin and I instantly claimed whenever she came to visit. The adults were more than satisfied with wicker chairs sporting comfy overstuffed pillows. Eventually, my cousin and I would scuttle into the yard, leaving the adults to converse and reflect on the day.

The Features Home Buyers Desire the Most

open living settingA recent article in our local Home Builder’s Association newsletter revealed the results of a survey taken by thousands of current home buyers. According to the report, buyers are interested in homes that exceed the square footage of those they are leaving, but still about 13% smaller than the average size of the homes started last year.

Springtime in Penn’s Woods

Purple and white wildflowersMost of us have noticed the many hues of green that come with spring in our beautiful state of Pennsylvania. What you may be missing are the delicate blooms of spring wildflowers. April and May are the perfect months to discover the beauty of our native plants. The Lebanon Valley has many areas that are in bloom right now!

Some of the plants you'll see in our woods range from the prolific Mayapples to the rarer Yellow Lady Slipper and Trillium. One of my personal favorites is the delicate, lavender Hepatica.

It’s Soon Time to Move Outside!

outdoor deck with beautiful living areaIn anticipation of the onset of warmer weather, my wife and I invested in a fire pit for our deck this past weekend. We are both envisioning many enjoyable evenings in the crisp, cool air of spring in idle conversation. This is the way we felt we needed to upgrade our deck for our use. If you have a deck that is aging, you may have other needs to get your space ready for the season.

Aging deck structures, harsh storms, high temperatures, and a lack of routine maintenance can increase the risk of a deck injury. Hundreds of reported deck accidents occur annually.