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Reflections for the 4th of July

A beautiful wheatfieldWe sometimes forget to appreciate the beauty of our wonderful Lebanon Valley!Eddie and Ipassed this scene on the way to an appointment Saturday and it was so breathtakingwe wanted to share with everyone!

Don't these "amber waves of grain" make you want to sing "America the Beautiful" out loud? I did! A happy, safe 4th of July to everyone!

Boomers vs. Boomers

young woman with mobile phoneMove over Baby-Boomers. You no longer represent the largest share of America’s population. The 76 million strong group of Baby Boomers [between the ages of 48 – 68] has been replaced with the Echo Boomers, also known as Millennials or Gen Y.

This group numbering some 79 million strong, are between the ages of 16 – 34. The Echo Boomers research is from the Boston Consulting Group. They indicate that the Echos are different from their parents, “About 50% defy the stereotypes most marketers live by”.

Thinking About Becoming a Realtor?

business woman drinking coffee

Real estate sales can be a rewarding, but challenging profession in slow or good economic times. Our economy is improving and if you are considering a career in real estate, here are some things to consider:

1] you will be an independent contractor and so, on commission…not a salary.
2] How will you get trained…does your broker have a program that makes sense, for you?
3] Have you spoken with a full-time, professional real estate agent to find out what a career in real estate is really like?

It was 1988

tape measure. . . when I bought my first house. Big hair bands ruled the airwaves, neon jelly bracelets and leg warmers where essential fashion accessories for women and gas was a whopping .91 per gallon.

I was starting a new job in administration for a real estate company after eight years in property management, and was becoming a first-time homeowner almost simultaneously.