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Boomers vs. Boomers

young woman with mobile phoneMove over Baby-Boomers. You no longer represent the largest share of America’s population. The 76 million strong group of Baby Boomers [between the ages of 48 – 68] has been replaced with the Echo Boomers, also known as Millennials or Gen Y.

This group numbering some 79 million strong, are between the ages of 16 – 34. The Echo Boomers research is from the Boston Consulting Group. They indicate that the Echos are different from their parents, “About 50% defy the stereotypes most marketers live by”.

Thinking About Becoming a Realtor?

business woman drinking coffee

Real estate sales can be a rewarding, but challenging profession in slow or good economic times. Our economy is improving and if you are considering a career in real estate, here are some things to consider:

1] you will be an independent contractor and so, on commission…not a salary.
2] How will you get trained…does your broker have a program that makes sense, for you?
3] Have you spoken with a full-time, professional real estate agent to find out what a career in real estate is really like?

It was 1988

tape measure. . . when I bought my first house. Big hair bands ruled the airwaves, neon jelly bracelets and leg warmers where essential fashion accessories for women and gas was a whopping .91 per gallon.

I was starting a new job in administration for a real estate company after eight years in property management, and was becoming a first-time homeowner almost simultaneously.