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Real Estate Tails: Diane Griffiths and Louie

Cute toy parti poodle facing cameraLike pets? Love animals? Then you’re sure to enjoy Brownstone’s "Real Estate Tails". Today, I shine the spotlight on agent, Diane Griffiths, who works from our Lebanon office, and her dog, Louie.

Judging by Louie’s photo on the left, he clearly inherited the “cute gene,” but don’t let that angelic expression fool you. Diane shares the inside scoop on all facets of Louie's rambunctious personality. Let’s get started!

Real Estate Throwback Thursday: The Flat Iron

antique flat ironLove your kitchen? How about your laundry room? For that matter, when’s the last time you used a flat iron? No, I’m not talking about the styling accessory for straightening hair, but a household appliance once used to smooth clothes. Take a stroll through an antique store and you’ll probably stumble over a few. Watch your step because they’re far from light! In the nineteenth century they were referred to as “sad irons.” In that time period, “sad” translated into “heavy.”

How to Make Your Home More Appealing to Buyers: Declutter!

Woman standing in front of messy closetIf you’re like most people, you’ve probably collected a fair amount of stuff over the years. Whether trinkets, family heirlooms, extra furniture or a garden variety hodge-podge, all this extra stuff can add clutter to our homes. In addition to staking out a claim in a particular room, clutter can seep into areas we don’t notice see at first glance – closets, cupboards, bathroom vanities.

How about that corner of the garage you’ve been meaning to clean out, or the extra bedroom that somehow morphed into a storage unit?

Hershey, Hummelstown, Harrisburg Real Estate Update

house and tree iconWe have a new series of residential real estate statistics for you, reflecting activity occuring during the last week. These figures were taken from our multi-list supplier and cover the area from Harrisburg to the Lebanon County line.