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Amy Dellinger's blog

Saving On Mortgage Interest

orange piggy bank with stack of moneyThere comes a moment at every real estate closing when the buyers are handed a Truth In Lending form to be signed. Often, we jokingly tell them not to look at it and to just sign it, as viewing this sheet may cause them to have second thoughts about what they are doing. The Truth in Lending form shows the total amount paid over the life of the loan, including the principal and interest. This number is usually a scary one as it is a huge amount of money. Unfortunately, this is how the system works and interest is a nasty bi-product of the loan process.

A Literary House

a pile of booksEver since I was a child, I’ve liked to read. From my favorite little Brown Bear stories, through my teen years spent with Nancy Drew and Cherry Ames, RN, books held a fascination for me. They were able to transport me to unknown places, where I engaged in multiple adventures. Sometimes I was a teen super sleuth, other times I saw myself as a compassionate registered nurse. No matter the setting or adventure, a book was ready to whisk me there.

The Features Home Buyers Desire the Most

open living settingA recent article in our local Home Builder’s Association newsletter revealed the results of a survey taken by thousands of current home buyers. According to the report, buyers are interested in homes that exceed the square footage of those they are leaving, but still about 13% smaller than the average size of the homes started last year.

Do You Remember?

pencil and paperDo you remember “Back to School” when you were a child? It was exciting to have a new backpack filled with No. 2 yellow pencils and a full pack of crayons with none broken!

These memories were recently stirred by one of our clients.

Diana Faust is the Special Event Coordinator for the local branch of Volunteers of America. You may have seen her on the local TV news asking for help with her current project – Operation Backpack® 2012.