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Candy Ortenzio's blog

Holiday Pet Safety

kitten with santa hat peeking out of gift wrapped boxIf you’re like me, you adore furry friends. Amid the hustle-bustle of the holidays it’s easy to overlook or forget precautions related to their safety. As a cat owner for years, I know my felines loved glittery Christmas balls, bows, ribbons and wrapping paper. It’s one matter for frisky felines to “sled” across the carpet on a piece of wrapping paper, another to bat a glass ornament until it falls and shatters, creating a safety hazard for soft paws. To help keep your cats and dogs safe, here are some handy tips to remember when preparing for the holiday season:

Facts and Fun: Friday the 13th

cat on tree branch silhouetted against full orange moonIt’s Friday the 13th! Falling in October, so close to Halloween, this Friday the 13th may feel extra ominous to some. Surprisingly, although the date is usually associated with bad luck, some people have met with amazing fortune on this day. A British couple reportedly won 17 million after buying a lottery ticket on a Friday the thirteenth, and some consider it lucky for children to be born on this day.

Brownstone Real Estate Sponsors the Original Mount Gretna Cicada Music Festival

artistic representation of piano with sheet music in a wash of lavender and roseBrownstone Real Estate is proud to be a contributing sponsor of the Original Mount Gretna Cicada Music Festival, a highly anticipated, sold out event. The dazzling selection of entertainment kicks off at 8:00 PM, beginning Monday, August 7, with the final performance on Tuesday, August 15. From the classic rock and roll of America’s golden age with Phil Dirt and the Dozers, to the Everly Brothers Experience, and Hotel California—the original Eagles Tribute Band hailing from Ontario, Canada—there is something for everyone.

Swimming Pool Safety Tips

dog in funny floppy hat and sunglasses on chaise lounge by swimming poolThe first day of summer is right around the corner and pool season is already in full swing. Among warm-weather favorites, almost everyone loves swimming. Whether in your own pool at home, community pool, or a pond or lake, water safety is something everyone should be conscious of. Here are a few tips that will keep you safe while enjoying one of summer’s favorite pastimes: