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Candy Ortenzio's blog

The Allure of a Front Porch

front porch with rocker and porch swingThroughout the decades porches have added interest and appeal to a home, as well as being a gathering place for relaxing. I spent part of my childhood in an old home with a large covered front porch. My parents often sat outside in the evening during warm weather, chatting to the neighbors who strolled up and down the street.

An inviting white porch swing provided a comfortable seat for leisurely rocking, something my cousin and I instantly claimed whenever she came to visit. The adults were more than satisfied with wicker chairs sporting comfy overstuffed pillows. Eventually, my cousin and I would scuttle into the yard, leaving the adults to converse and reflect on the day.

Bernie Readinger's Story on PennLive

Bernie Readinger on bicycle overlooking oceanOur agent, Bernie Readinger, has an amazing story. Yes, he sells real estate, as one of the sales professionals in our Hershey office, but that’s only part of who Bernie is. If you read his bio on our website, you’ll find Bernie to be “actively involved in Walk for Life, Gift of Life, and the public Awareness of organ and tissue donation.”

On May 1st, Bernie was featured in an article by John L. Micek, the Editorial and Opinions Editor for PennLive and The Patriot News.

Do You Remember May Fairs?

flowering tree backed by sunlightToday is May 1st, commonly known as May Day! Historically, the first day of May was reserved for festivals to celebrate the passage of winter into spring. My own memories of May Fairs include pony rides, colorful punch balloons, streamers, and funnel cakes dusted with sugar.

The Ridgeway-Vian Milton S. Hershey Student Home

Photo of Ridgeway BuildingOur Hershey Brownstone office is located in the original Ridgeway-Vian Milton Hershey Student Home. It gives us a unique perspective of Hershey past and present, especially when a visitor pops in and asks to look around the office. Many remember when the building was a student home. A few have even shared stories of when they lived here. Naturally, the building has been redesigned for office space, but the original structure and enduring history remain.

The photo to the left is how the building appeared prior to renovations.