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Candy Ortenzio's blog

Snowmaggedon 2017!

blue background with snowflakes, words Snowmaggedon 2017 in frontBREAKING NEWS! We have experienced the first snowpoclaypse of 2017. Unlike the mammoth storm that bore down on Pennsylvania and the east coast in 2016, "Winter Storm Snow Tree”—as it’s being hailed on social media—appears to be confined to a single location. We were able to gain exclusive photos of what some are already calling a perfect storm.

Friday the 13th: Facts and Fun

Calendar with Friday the thirteenth date circled in redIt’s Friday the 13th! The first of 2017 and one of only two this year (the next will occur on October 13th). Although the date is usually associated with bad luck, some people have met with amazing fortune on this day. A British couple reportedly won 17 million after buying a lottery ticket on a Friday the thirteenth, and some consider it lucky for children to be born on this day.

Traditions of New Year's Eve

a vintage clock nearing midnightIt’s almost time to bid goodbye to 2016 and usher in a New Year. While we celebrate with parties, noisemakers and dropping a large glass ball in Times Square, our ancestors had a different way of embracing the calendar change. In the distant past, it wasn’t simply a matter of sharing memories and recalling events. The ‘old year’ had to be ushered out properly so the New Year could bloom and thrive.

Holiday Pet Safety

tabby cat sitting in branches of Christmas tree, surrounded by red balls and bowsIf you’re like me, you adore furry friends. Amid the hustle-bustle of the holidays it’s easy to overlook or forget precautions related to their safety. As a cat owner for years, I know my felines loved glittery Christmas balls, bows, ribbons and wrapping paper. It’s one matter for frisky felines to “sled” across the carpet on a piece of wrapping paper, another to bat a glass ornament until it falls and shatters, creating a safety hazard for soft paws. To help keep your cats and dogs safe, here are some handy tips to remember when preparing for the holiday season: