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Diane Slatt's blog

Homes with Hidden Surprises

Front exterior of upscale homeI’ve been in the real estate business for some time now and have seen a lot of houses. Not too much surprises me anymore, but every now and then I happen on a feature I find truly exceptional. There was a time when we lumped surprises like those under “bells and whistles.” Maybe we still do. Certainly, homes today are loaded with amenities making some features, once considered “extras,” commonplace. The bells have gotten shinier, the whistles more attention-grabbing.

Brownstone Real Estate’s Hometown Series: Falling in Love with Hummelstown

Hummelstown town sign in Hummelstown SquareIf you enjoy the easy-going charm of small town living, you’ll fall in love with Hummelstown. I’ve been a resident since 1975 and continue to appreciate the friendly sense of community. Visit the local pharmacy, bank, or any restaurant or store more than twice and you’ll be greeted with pleasant recognition. The clerk, waiter or teller might not know you by name, but you’re far from invisible when they welcome you with familiar acknowledgement.