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Palmyra Age-Targeted Communities

Mature African American Couple Using Digital Tablet At HomeAs the baby boomers move into their fifties and sixties, many of them will want a change of scenery as far as their housing is concerned. They are not necessarily looking to “downsize”, but looking to limit the amount of home maintenance necessary. They want flexibility in their lives without having to cut grass, shovel snow, or do other necessary exterior maintenance. They want to be able to come and go as they please.

Memories of Hershey Past

Hershey Chocolate Factory in 1976My father was a teacher and coach at Milton Hershey School when I was born at the Hershey Hospital in 1962. Shortly thereafter, our family moved away from Hershey for several years and returned in 1971 when I was nine years old. I finished my formative years in Hershey and graduated from Hershey High School in 1980. After college and my first career was complete, I returned to Hershey to start a new career and to raise my family.

Those of us who grew up in Hershey during the 1970s have many fond memories and a unique perspective on the changes that have occurred over the past 40+ years. When viewing the elimination of large chunks of the Chocolate Factory, it always sparks memories of how things used to be. Here are just a few of those memories:

Why Should I List My House with Brownstone?

close up of hand holding house key with house in backgroundAs a Realtor, one of the most important questions we must answer is why the public should use our services when selling their home. Our business life is determined by how we answer. I have friends that ask this question thinking they can do as well as a Realtor in selling their home and not have to pay a commission.

In some cases this may be true if the seller is knowledgeable enough regarding real estate marketing and transactions, or if they are fortunate enough to find a buyer and make it through a transaction smoothly. In most situations, however, even if the seller is knowledgeable it is tough to be successful, especially in the world we live in today.

Below I list some important reasons to use a Realtor—in particular Brownstone Real Estate Company—when selling your home.

Are Home Inspections Worth It?

close up of a home inspection reportIn the early 90s when I purchased my current residence having a home inspection contingency on the sales contract was not an option. Only years later did home inspections become commonplace in a real estate transaction. Many of our buyer clients today ask us if the cost of a home inspection (about $400) is worth it. Buyers already have a down payment and closing costs that eat up their cash savings. Many want to have extra cash available to purchase furnishings for their new home. They wonder why they should spend the extra $400.