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Remembering Hurricane Agnes and the Flood of '72

Susquehanna River and Harrisburg's East and West ShoreLazily cutting between Harrisburg’s east and west shore, the Susquehanna River is widely known as a spot for pleasure boating and fishing. But it hasn’t always been a benign and picturesque waterway.

In late June of 1972 the remnants of Hurricane Agnes struck the Keystone state, including the Susquehanna Valley. Ranked as Pennsylvania’s worst disaster, Agnes inundated the area with eighteen inches of rain in a two day period from June 22nd to June 24th. The Susquehanna River swelled and surged over her banks before cresting at a staggering 33.27 feet, a record that remains to this day.

Welcome Summer

close up of happy young girl doing a headstandAs a kid, summer started for most of us the moment the afternoon bell rang on the last day of school. Remember the giddy exhilaration you felt as you burst through the doors and raced from the building with your friends? A glorious world awaited, full of trips to the beach, ballgames, swimming and exploring.

I’m old enough to remember when the pinnacle of summer fun included riding bikes, racing across open fields, picking wild strawberries and climbing trees. When dusk fell, my friends and I chased fireflies, told ghost stories and played hide-and-seek.

Lebanon County: Our Origins...

Battle of Williamsburg print Louis Kurz and Alexander AllisonOver the years, I have developed an interest in history. I guess you could say I got this interest honestly as my father always had a curiosity of the American Civil War and became a collector over his lifetime of first edition books about the conflict and a series of lithographs created by Louis Kurz and Alexander Allison. These prints depicted the various battles between the blue and the gray. In all, 36 battle scenes were published. I am fortunate to have the print of the Battle of Williamsburg hanging in my office. But I digress…my intention is to write a series on the history of Lebanon County and try to include as many real estate facts as I can find.

Home Details = High Definition

Agirl holding cell phone with Brownstone unique web site displayeds a seller you want your home to have the best marketing exposure possible, particularly online where the bulk of home buyers begin their property search. As a buyer you desire detailed, easy to access information without jumping through multiple listing portals to find it.

Welcome to Brownstone’s HD Websites where properties are given High Definition, and buyers have access to Home Details including multi-list information, photos, virtual tours and the ability to request showings online.