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The Importance of Social Media in Real Estate

social media text stacked on top of each other with a thumbs up likeSocial media has grown and evolved into a medium businesses rely on to share their products and engage their customers. In a new day of marketing, one is just as important as the other. As a consumer, I feel a far greater connection with businesses I’m able to interact with, rather than just being a number among many. We’ve all shared the frustration of trying to resolve a problem, contacting a business, and having to jump through multiple voice-mail hoops just to reach a live person.

The good news is that many businesses make it easy to interact with them socially. I once made a generic tweet about a problem with Verizon FIOS, and within seconds, Verizon responded to me on Twitter. Amazing!

The Social Aspect of Real Estate

woman's hand holding a glass globe with social media iconsLike most everything else in our technology-wired world, real estate has exploded onto the social media scene. It’s hard to imagine there was a time when potential homebuyers found it necessary to physically meet with an agent or rely on a sales associate to provide them information from a weekly multi-list book.

The availability of broker websites, real estate portals and online listings has made up-to-the-minute property information available to consumers on the fly. Whether you’re using a computer, cellphone, or tablet, accessing information is a breeze. The easy accessibly of details allows a buyer to search at their leisure and become knowledgeable of home availability before making initial contact with a Realtor.