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home improvement

Five Upgrades That Hold Their Value – And Five That Don’t

construction of a rear deckFrom the DIY-enthusiast to the chronic upgrader, most of us have tackled a home improvement project or two. Granite countertops, finished basement, tile floors - these upgrades are not only popular right now, but they’re top of mind for many homeowners.

But how do you know what a smart investment is versus one that is less likely to hold its value? And at what point will your home be considered “over-improved”?

White Ice, Harvest Gold, and Magic 8-Balls

magic eight ballAccording to a recent blog article by Deirdre Sullivan at House Logic, ‘white ice’ has replaced ‘stainless’ as the new coveted finish for kitchen appliances. I’m partial to white, especially when blended with elegant silver accents as Whirlpool has done, so I’m happy to embrace the trend. Perfect timing too, as I’d love to remodel my kitchen within the next 2-3 years. The new line also promises to be easier to clean, a wonderful plus given the heavy use refrigerators, ranges and dishwashers endure.

It did, however, make me think of some of the color schemes that were popular in years and decades past. Do you remember:

I Love to Paint!

woman painting wall I love to Paint!

You finally settled on your new home…..how exciting…now for some personal touches…try PAINT! It’s both decorative and functional. It can freshen exteriors or bring interior rooms to life.

I personally love to paint and find it very relaxing. I’m providing some painting tips from my own experiences and some professionals as well…read on.