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Open floor plans

An Ideal Floor Plan

main floor of contemporary home with an open floor planOpen floor plans offer stunning flow and create ease for entertaining, especially when the living area and kitchen are joined. In decades and centuries past, the kitchen was the heart of the home, a place where people gathered for meals and conversation. These days, the kitchen still plays a vital part in bringing people together—especially during dinner parties or taste-testing and hors d’oeuvre nights—but now it shares the starring role with family and gathering rooms.

Flow from one area to the next is important. Kitchen islands and snack bars make it possible to camp out and chat in a less formal setting. If you enjoy entertaining—a television playing in the background or music channeled through your Alexa or Google Home device—you’re likely to prefer a home with open flow. Whether a ranch home, two-story, or townhome, there are plenty of options available. You may want to consider some of these listings, all of which feature open floor plans and breezy flow: