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Holiday Pet Safety

tabby cat sitting in branches of Christmas tree, surrounded by red balls and bowsIf you’re like me, you adore furry friends. Amid the hustle-bustle of the holidays it’s easy to overlook or forget precautions related to their safety. As a cat owner for years, I know my felines loved glittery Christmas balls, bows, ribbons and wrapping paper. It’s one matter for frisky felines to “sled” across the carpet on a piece of wrapping paper, another to bat a glass ornament until it falls and shatters, creating a safety hazard for soft paws. To help keep your cats and dogs safe, here are some handy tips to remember when preparing for the holiday season:

Catios: A Hot New Outdoor Trend

Cat taking blissful nap outside on deckIn beautiful weather everyone likes to be outdoors, including our family pets. Cats, however, can encounter multiple forms of danger when left to roam. Predators, disease, and busy roadways are just a few potential threats. Now, however, cat owners have a charming solution for giving their felines the outdoor experience they crave, while keeping them safe from harm—the catio.

Real Estate Tails: Diane Slatt and Baxter

Scottish Terrier wearing jaunty pink kerchief It’s Friday! Welcome to another addition of Real Estate Tails, as agent Diane Slatt drops by to talk about Scottish terrier, Baxter. You can catch a glimpse of the handsome lad to the left in his jaunty kerchief. Cleary, a dog who knows and appreciates style.

Real Estate Tails: Amy Dellinger and Callie

Cute dog in a kerchief looking toward cameraAfter a week of snow, ice and power outages, it's nice to finally see the sun. The latest round of predicted weekend weather calls for nothing more forceful than a few snow showers. Hopefully, we've seen the last of the white stuff for a while. Ice too. To help wind down the week, I’ve got some breezy reading for you with a pet-friendly edition of Real Estate Trails. Amy Dellinger is my guest today, along with her dog, Callie.