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How to Celebrate Spring: Flowers, Fairy Gardens, and Eggs

Flowers in vase on glass table with hand cleaning glassIt’s been a long, cold winter, but the first day of spring has finally arrived—even if it doesn't look like it outdoors. Who would have thought we'd have snow today? The weather aside, if you’re in the mood to put some overdue “spring” into your step and your home, we’ve got a several suggestions that will have you thinking and feeling seasonal in no time.

Creating an Outdoor Living Area

Beautiful outdoor patio setting at twilightAs we head into warmer weather, it will soon be time to spruce up the yard, break out the patio furniture, and add a new shine to the porch. More and more our living spaces are moving outdoors as we combine natural elements with comfort once reserved solely for interior spaces.

From hardscaping and mood lighting, to furniture, TVs, and even open-air kitchens, outside living spaces range from intimate to lavish. But you needn’t have an elaborate budget or even a large area to create an outdoor retreat. Here are some ideas to consider: